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UNHCR in Austria

A branch office of UNHCR was opened in Vienna already in 1951, the founding year of UNHCR. This makes UNHCR the longest serving UN organization in Austria.

Still occupied by the Allied Forces at that time, Austria was confronted with a massive refugee problem. UNHCR therefore rendered organizational and financial assistance.

On the following pages you find basic information about Austria as asylum country with tradition, UNHCR and its work in Austria, as well as internship opportunities with the UNHCR office in Austria. Since our Austrian website is aimed at German speakers, we can just offer a small part in English and would invite all English speakers to visit our international website at www.unhcr.org.

Asylum Country with Tradition

Due to its geographical situation between East and West, Austria was for many decades the most important country for the initial reception of refugees and immigrants in Europe.

UNHCR's Work in Austria

Major fields of work at UNHCR in Austria involve working with Austrian authorities, the OSCE, legal networks and the Austrian Public.

Austrian Asylum Legislation

Here you find basic legal documents on the asylum legislation in Austria. Please note that the files are unofficial consolidated versions and unofficial translations.


The UNHCR Office in Austria offers internships in its Legal Unit and its Public Information Unit. Moreover, the UNHCR Liaison Office to the OSCE and Vienna-based UN Agencies also offers internships.

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